Setup & API


1- We are an international ski conditions forecasting company that provides data for ski resorts. Please make sure the ski resorts you are looking for are in our list ( as it may not be 100% complete.

If it's not, please send the ski resort name and info to us. We will add it to the list as soon as possible. To do so, go on and select Missing Ski Resort

2- Go to the catalog and select the package that fits your needs and add it to your cart. It’s pretty self-explanatory, if you need the snow forecasting for 4 resorts, pick the 4 resorts package.

3- To buy the package, you have to be logged-in. Please, register with your corporate account ( as we will be adding features for ski resort owners in time and it will help the verification process.

4- You can proceed to checkout. Once it’s done, you’ll gain access to the Customer Page.

5- Go to the Customer Page and select the ski resort from the list and add it to your package with the language you want. Refer to this list for the languages.

6- You’re done, you will now have access to your forecasting data via the links shown in the customer page.


Here is an example of the files you will get :

Once you have bought your package and selected your ski resorts, you will gain access to 4 different file formats with all the ski report forecasting data in it plus one file for each ski resort you chose for the current weather.

Meteo data

You will gain access to the current weather data of your ski resort via the following link :$key/[IDStation]-[en/fr].JSON

You only have to replace [IDStation] by the actual ID of the resorts you selected. See for documentation about the file format. This meteo data will be refreshed every hour. (0h30, 1h30, 2h30 ...).

If you will, this file makes a reference to an icon code that describes the meteo. You can access all those icons via this link

Ski condition forecasting data

Those files contains de ski condition forecasting data for each of the ski resorts selected. Each of the files contain all the data for the week. Those files are refreshed every 6 hours (0h30, 6h30, 12h30, 18h30 EST – Eastern Standard Time)



JSON/XML/TXT Structure

  • Subscriptionid : $key
  • skiAreas :
    • country : $country
    • province : $province
    • SkiAreaid : $SkiAreaid
    • name : $name
      • PrevisionDays :
      • date : $date
      • texture : $texture
      • meteo : $meteo
      • icone : $icone
      • coteF : $tmpMax
      • coteE : $tmpMax
      • base : $base



CSV Structure

Subscriptionid SkiAreaid Country Province Name date meteo tmpMax coteF coteE texture base icone
$key $SkiAreaid $Country $Province $Name $date $meteo $tmpMax $coteF $coteE $texture $base $icone



This is you personal private API key. It will be given to you once you bought a package and will remain the same even if you change you package.


This is the container for the various ski resorts you selected in your package. It is used only in xml, JSON and txt files.


The unique ID of the Ski resort that the system use.


The country where the specific ski resort is.


The province where the specific ski resort is, if it is set. Some country has very limited ski resorts, they are not separated by region.


The name of the specific ski resort.


This is the container for the various ski prevision days. Each prevision day represents one day of ski forecasting data. In every case, this list will contain 7 prevision days, today and the next 6 days.


The date for the specific prevision day. The format used is : YYYYmmDD (20151124 for the 24th of November 2015)


A little description that represents the weather of the day. This field is translated in the language you selected in the customer page and is showed like this : id:description:other_language_description:...

Here is the list of the different possible descriptions

Please note that if you selected a language, only this language and the id will be displayed. If you selected 0, that stands for all languages, all languages will be displayed and will add up as we add languages to our system.


Maximum temperature of the day in Celsius.


This is the family adapted rating. It goes from F, for closed to A++


This is the expert adapted rating. It goes from F, for closed to A++

Please refer to this list for the different ratings signification


The snow texture there will be that specific day. Like the meteo field, it is displayed like this : id:texture:other_language_texture...

Here is the list of the different possible textures.


The base of the snow there will be that specific day.It is displayed like this : id:texture:other_language_texture...

Here is the list of the different possible base.


This is the ID for the icone to show. Refer to this page for the different icones