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Our mission is to increase the number of people on the resort by 10% by showing the conditions skiers will find on the slopes of their favorite resort for the next 7 days.

According to our 25 years of experience of ski reporting, 85% of skiing days received a rating of B+ or better.

Our information is more than 90% accurate and is designed to reassure skiers in their decision to head for the slopes.

This image is an example of a report built from our information program.

This data comes from our API feed that is updated every 6 hours (0h30, 6h30, 12h30, 18h30 EST – Eastern Standard Time); you can get the current meteorological information of the resort, which is updated every hour.

Here is an example of the files you will get for your selected ski resorts :



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dentistry - what is It?

Dentistry is a science that studies diseases of the oral cavity. Not only defects and problems with teeth are investigated. Also studied are all diseases of the dentition-mucous membrane, tongue, gums, neck and facial tissues around the mouth. Dentistry involves the study of diseases and the search for ways to diagnose them, prevention, effective treatment.

Dentistry is a fairly extensive field, which is divided into several different areas:
( = ) orthodontics-studies the processes and causes of anomalies in the oral cavity, finds new methods of diagnosis and treatment of these diseases;
( = ) therapeutic-directions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment of teeth and oral mucosa (filling refers to this type);
( = ) surgical - aimed at the removal and implantation of dentures, treatment of inflammatory diseases of the salivary glands, anomalies in the oral cavity (deformation of the jaw);
(=) porodnaya is engaged in the diagnosis, prevention treatment of diseases of the gums and bone tissues;
( = ) orthopedic-includes the creation and installation of dentures (combination, removable, non-removable, microprosthetics);
( = ) children's-consists of each of the above species, but is focused on the age of patients.

Pediatric dentistry also includes the study and solution of problems associated with swallowing or deviations of the speech apparatus from the norm (long frenulum).

Signs of dental diseases

Identify dental diseases can be directly at the doctor's office - after examining the oral cavity. Often these are small holes, plaque, caries, incorrectly growing teeth.

Sometimes the patient feels pain and comes to the dentist with complaints. He talks about the problems, after which the specialist conducts an examination and decides on further treatment.

the Main signs of diseases that patients feel are:
( = ) pain;
(=) loss of a tooth or breaking off parts of it;
(=) the growth curve of the teeth;
( = ) inflammatory processes in the oral cavity-swollen or bleeding gums, other;
(=) the occurrence of holes, cracks, and darkening of enamel.

In addition to visual inspection and palpation of the teeth, the specialist makes an x-ray (studies the position of the horses, the condition of the tooth inside).

treatment Features

Depending on the diagnosis, treatment can be carried out by a doctor or by the patient himself. The specialist carries out:
(=) filling;
(=) the removal of plaque and calculus;
(=) implantation;
(=) bleaching;
(=) prosthetics;
( = ) bite correction;
(=) restoration.

The patient to prevent or enhance the effect of treatment should be responsible for oral hygiene (brush your teeth, rinse the mouth with decoctions or special means), take the drugs recommended by the doctor. To avoid big problems with the oral cavity and the cost of treatment, it is necessary to regularly visit the dentist (1 every 6 months).
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