5 Types of resorts

#1 Blest by nature
Natural snow exclusively, no man made snow. This type of station can provide a large enough area of off-piste skiing prized by the skiers.

#2 Any naturally
Natural snow exclusively - no man made snow. This type of station receives normally a very good quantity of natural snow offering excellent conditions for all.

#3 Natural character but improved
Natural snow in majority with man made snow in strategic locations to maintain as much as possible the benefits of the natural snow but with enhanced coverage of the mountain for the skiers.

#4 The best of both worlds
In addition to the natural snow, some man made snow, well worked as needed a little everywhere to offer a better coverage and the best of all worlds virtually

#5 Conditions guaranteed
Snow manufactured in abundance almost everywhere. This type of station invests a lot in the snow and maintenance of the tracks to provide uniform conditions and guarantees