About Us

What we offer

Our objective is to allow the ski industry to show their on-the-ground reality, and to attract more skiers to their slopes.

By helping skiers make a decision on wether or not they'll go to the ski resort.

We've created 3 types of information that are relevant to skiers, and that for the next 7 days.

- Detailed snow conditions
- Family and Expert ratings
- Predominant weather on the resort during skiable hours (9AM to 4PM)

Fifteen year's experience in ski reporting, with an average of over 2000 reports per season, shows that 86% of reports have a rating of B+ or better.

Based on this, we've created new software which very accurately forecasts real ski conditions for the next 7 days.

We've also created an algorithm to provide ratings based on families' needs and expectations, as well as for experts skiers'.

While providing classic weather conditions is a good start, we're working to show instead the predominant weather during skiable hours (9 AM to 4 PM)at each resort.

With this forecast, skiers will be able to see resort's real weather and snow conditions, and they'll have information adapted to their needs.

We're providing this information to the public with a free smartphone (iPhone and Android) application, available on respective platform's App stores.

We're also selling our data to ski resorts, radio and TV networks, and to every web site that would like to promote the ski industry in their region.

Who we are

Marc Ethier

Marc has been producing ski reports for more than 25 years for radio stations and TV morning shows. He was a founder of the largest ski evaluator's organization.

Bob Quenneville

Bob has been working on ski reports systems for the last 15 years; he has also been working on different smartphone applications for the last 10 years.

Pierre Langevin

As an engineer, Pierre is the author of the first book on snow conditions' evolution for ski resorts in the 80s; this book is now the norm in the industry. He also created the first logical model that predicts ski conditions for the next 7 days.

Francis Olivier Laporte

As an IT Engineer, he is the architect of the infrastructure responsible for collecting all the weather data, generating the snow forecast, and distributing the resulting data over the cloud to our clients and smartphone applications.

Marilyse Boulais

As a designer, she created the different icons used in the application.

Stephane Tremblay

IT specialist, with a solid background in ERP integration, IT project management and IT architect. Director of ISCF, he also worked with Bob Quenneville on snow reports program and online reservations for skiers.