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Our mission is to increase the number of people on the resort by 10% by showing the conditions skiers will find on the slopes of their favorite resort for the next 7 days.

According to our 25 years of experience of ski reporting, 85% of skiing days received a rating of B+ or better.

Our information is more than 90% accurate and is designed to reassure skiers in their decision to head for the slopes.

This image is an example of a report built from our information program.


5 Types of resorts

#1 Blest by nature
Natural snow exclusively, no man made snow. This type of station can provide a large enough area of off-piste skiing prized by the skiers.

#2 Any naturally
Natural snow exclusively - no man made snow. This type of station receives normally a very good quantity of natural snow offering excellent conditions for all.

#3 Natural character but improved
Natural snow in majority with man made snow in strategic locations to maintain as much as possible the benefits of the natural snow but with enhanced coverage of the mountain for the skiers.


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Ski reports table ready to be shown on your Website

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Following code can simply be copied while replacing the customer ID and the ski resort ID by yours. (in this case : 6ecf07efdb3a4153802f97e26ac24633 as customer ID and 2211 as ski resort ID)

Please note that for more specific design or to obtain more data, you will need to use our API. We can provide consultation if needed.